Yusuke Sugiyama
 Concept: ‘Boundaries’
                  A boundary between oneself and unrelated person.
A boundary between reality and memory.
           A boundary between embodiment and abstract.

            My concept ‘Boundary’ does not mean divide and opposition, I'd like to express these notions as coming and going, mixing with them and penetrating each other. I don't use specific model for figures in my paintings.  I treat figures as unrelated person. I imagine them as different person, but it also means reverse myself. And I'm interested in multi-layered consciousness, landscape, abstract shape, figure’s costume and gesture mean figure’s past, thinking, reality, and future included. I try to make boundaries between abstract and embodiment, reality and memory, myself and other people in oil, acrylic paintings and drawings.

Aesthetica Magazine February/March
Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2017
Aesthetica Magazine June/July
Interview ‘Connective Threads’ on the web
Showcase at Melia White House Hotel in London
Borders festival: BODIES+CITIES SKIN
                                        FRAGEMENTED IDENTITIES
Accessible Art Fair Brussels 
2015-2016 Berkeley Civic Center Art Exhibition
 Born 1984 

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